Web Design

A great website includes an attractive design and web pages that should work in various platforms.web design is a process of creation with the intention of presenting the content on electronic webpages, which the end-users can access through the internet with the help of a web browser. Designing a website involves various concepts like design, colour graphics and mainly the content. Besides the basic elements of web designing that makes a website presentable, it should also consider the user friendliness of the end user. Web design involves many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites

Design and content plays a keyrole in web designing as they together enhance the message of the ideas of clients. content should also be optimized for search engines and be of suitable length, incorporating relevant keywords. I-centrica is there to make your website design presentable and provides content that is relevant and useful to make a reader remain on the site.

Have a glance of our Industries:


Enabling Automotive industry to provide 24X7 customer service with our tailormade Web solutions.

Cards & Payments

We provide payment and card services for small offices to large businesses using advanced software.


We provide Websites designed for the education and e-learning industry.


I-centrica Provides responsive Websites with financial content and interactive tools.


We provide websites that enable communication and collaboration among Doctors.


We provide Digital and Web solutions to face the stiff competition from large corporations.


I-Centrica is a reputed WebSolutions provider for retail businesses.


We include, threat modeling, risk analysis, static analysis, digital signature.

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