I Centrica software products accomplish complex tasks and come in complete packages. I Centrica makes software for businesses seeking better tools to manage the complexities of running operations, record keeping, and controlling the flow of money in and out of an enterprise. I Centrica creates quality code that meets the needs of your business. Information technology, and the hardware and software associated with the IT industry, are an integral part of nearly every major global industry.

I Centrica is well equipped to service your business needs. I Centrica experts possess the know-how of building reliable IT solutions in Telecommunications, Hospitality & Travel, Insurance, Retail, Education and Finance that meet specific industry demands. I Centrica has a range of products in ERP, CRM, Business to Business and B2C . I Centrica is highly competent in modern enterprise architectures. We help you capture market share, we help in creating strong brand values and help increase business performance . I Centrica assists business with communications with clients, in supply chain efficiency, in utilization of people andoptimizing operational processes.

I Centrica helps many Industries in the growth process of the economy including the services and manufacturing sectors. The use of information technology in the service sector improves operational efficiency and adds to transparency. It also serves as a medium of skill formation. It can serve as a medium of e-governance, as it assures easy accessibility to information. Efficient utilization of skilled labor forces in the IT sector can help an economy achieve a rapid pace of economic growth.

Have a glance of our Industries:


Enabling Automotive industry to provide 24X7 customer service with our tailormade Web solutions.

Cards & Payments

We provide payment and card services for small offices to large businesses using advanced software.


We provide Websites designed for the education and e-learning industry.


I-centrica Provides responsive Websites with financial content and interactive tools.


We provide websites that enable communication and collaboration among Doctors.


We provide Digital and Web solutions to face the stiff competition from large corporations.


I-Centrica is a reputed WebSolutions provider for retail businesses.


We include, threat modeling, risk analysis, static analysis, digital signature.

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